What About Those Pirates?

Ever since their launch in a silly song, the Pirates that Don’t Do Anything have proven that they don’t live up to their name.  These pirates do everything:

  • They have their own theatrical release coming up.
  • They stared in Jonah, the first theatrical release.
  • They co-opted a regular veggie episode, giving Bob the show off.
  • They have their own CD.

Although they seem lovable, do we really know?

What are they really up to with the facade that they don’t do anything?

I mean, in the movie Jonah they:

  • Drank soda
  • Played ping pong
  • Played Go Fish
  • Had a bowling ball
  • Watched an outboard motor
  • Ate cheese curls.

Have you noticed other suspicious behavior?

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One thought on “What About Those Pirates?

  1. This one really hit home with me as I, too, have been suspicious of these pirates. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that their “theme” song is really just a marketing ploy, albeit a catchy one.

    BTW, I love your blog. Very witty!


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