Big Idea Gives Fans a Voice

God Made You Special also has another great feature  Along with hearing the kids as Veggies, they’ve also gone out and let three people tell their stories about how God loves them.

The following is from the VeggieTales Newsletter:

Zach was diagnosed with Autism and is a living testimony that God indeed makes each one of us special. Zach became acquainted with VeggieTales early on in life and to this day, you’ll find Veggie books tucked in his bed. It’s no wonder his first spoken sentence was “God made you special, and he loves you very much.”

Rebekah, in her short 10 years on this earth taught us that even young children are capable of touching a wide array of people in profound ways. Ever quick to share the love of Jesus to family and friends, Rebekah’s life exemplifies the manner in which God makes us special, even though we may be young or young-at-heart.

Kristina, a team leader in the “Life Hurts, God Heals” program passes on a lesson to students on which you can’t put a price tag: They are loved, they are special and even if they don’t feel it, the One who made them affirms it.

By clicking on the picture at the top you can see Kristina’s segment on God Made You Special.

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