Regular Kids as Vegetables!

This is a terrific idea!

When Big Idea first came out with the sets “Heroes of the Bible” they had interviews with children talking about the stories.  Kids really do have an interesting take on things, and so it was fascinating to hear them retell your favorite stories and answer questions.

Well, with the latest VeggieTales release, they did this yet again, but took it one step further.  That’s right, they took the children’s voices and animated special characters for each of these children.

The scenes are set in and around Junior’s clubhouse from Minnesota Cuke and the Search for Samson’s Hairbrush, and the animators tried to pick up on the children’s facial expressions!

It’s really cute to see children talk about why God loves them and that they are special.

This special compilation DVD is a mixture of three favorites plus a new one:

  1. The Gourds Must Be Crazy
  2. A Snoodle’s Tale
  3. Dave and the Giant Pickle

The new one is called “Bob’s Vacation.”

The exciting part is that it is coming this weekend to a store near you!  Or you can get it now!

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2 thoughts on “Regular Kids as Vegetables!

  1. I remember when Veggie Tales was supposed to be moving to where I lived at the time, in DuPage County in IL! I was so excited! Even though I was 19, I was IN LOVE with Veggie Tales! I still love them. I’m not even Christian… but I just can’t resist those little talking vegetables!

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