What I Learned from Sheerluck Holmes

One of the lessons that I received from Veggie Tales: Sheerluck Holmes and the Golden Ruler was from this segment itself.  In this story, Larry plays a famous detective that wouldn’t be able to solve even on case if it weren’t for his helper, Dr. Watson (played by Bob the Tomato).  Sheerluck takes all the credit and Watson decides he’s had enough and leaves to figure it out on his own.

The lesson that we’re supposed to get out of it is to treat our friends the way that we want to be treated (applying to Golden Rule to friendship).  Sheerluck eventually apologizes to Watson, and they both solve the case together.

The “hidden” lesson that I got from this story has to do with what we think about when someone else gets the praise for something that we’ve done.  You see, it’s easy for us to get jealous– we see something someone else has and immediately we want it.  Advertising works on this premise– trying to sell us things that we do not need.  A lot of the American economy is made up of selling thing this way– take the guy that goes door to door selling you overpriced vacuum cleaners.

But seriously, how we react when we see someone elevated over us is important.  We can either choose to be bitter, or we can choose to rejoice with those that rejoice.  There’s too much to life to worry about whether or not you’re the best or whether everyone knows you’re the best.  Sometimes we can get the most joy by being the one that calls the least attention to ourselves.

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