Take the Veggies With You!

It seems that everyone has one– everyone except me!  I’m talking about USB Flash Drives.  I have a really big drive I use at work, and SD cards that I use in my digital camera, but it wasn’t until the other day when my brother and his wife gave us a ClearPlay DVD player for Christmas that I realized that I’m the only one in my family that doesn’t have a USB flash drive.

And since “everyone” has one, what better gift to give someone than one of the Personalized Flash Drives offered by Pexagon Tech?

They even give this amusing Top Ten Reasons to give one of these as gifts this Christmas:

  1. Give them to mom with pictures of her grandkids on them (the new Brag Book!)
  2. Give a personalized flash drive to the college student in your family to keep them organized
  3. Give a drive to your nephew who is into making his own music. Let him save his songs on a drive with his name on it
  4. Give one to coworkers and associates, include a Thank You Theme for their hard work
  5. Give it to your spouse with images and notes of affection, maybe even a song?
  6. It’s like the new mix cd, but with the capacity to carry photos too – it’s the perfect gift for teens to exchange!
  7. Give someone a flash drive with an online book downloaded on it (for the family geek!)
  8. Give your customers a Holiday Gift with your corporate logo engraved on it!
  9. Give them out at Trade Shows and other events with your own branding
  10. Give them to anyone who already has everything! Nothing beats the gift of personalization

Personally, you can also use these things to store your favorite VeggieTales songs or links to your favorite sites.  For the more technically minded you can store whole browsers and portable environments, or just use it to move files from place to place.  It can even act as a backup for some of your files.

So, check them out, and see if there’s someone in your family that could use a Personalized USB Drive for this Christmas!  And tell them Peter Plum sent you!

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