What I Learned from Auto-tainment

This is one weird VeggieTales episode.  VeggieTales – The Wonderful World of Auto-tainment was made during the crisis that Big Idea was facing right around the time that Jonah was being produced.  As such, a lot of clips that were lying around got thrown together into a video that doesn’t have a countertop, a verse, or any of the standard trappings.

It’s an amusing story, and one of the things that I got out of it was that there are times when you may do something at one point in time that you might need later on.  One example of this is the MInTheGap Fiction blog– where the writer of this blog (my alter ego) actually is recycling content that he wrote as a high school teenager!

So, make sure that you do your very best work at all times because you may not know when you have to use it!

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