How Old Is Too Old for VeggieTales?

My oldest started VeggieTales when he was three– of course he always was the one that could sit in front of the television and didn’t have to be active.  I credit VeggieTales for helping him through when he was hospitalized with rota virus when he was 3.  But now, there are so many more options and things that are accessible to him.

It leads me to the the question, when there’s Word World, new 3-2-1 Penguins almost every week, and that “My Friend Rabbit” that comes on before them on Qubo (not to metion Curious George and Sesame Street), for what ages is VeggieTales appropriate, and when do you think they’ll just become tired a bored?

It was one thing when they were the only 3-D animated show out there, now that they’re one of many…

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3 thoughts on “How Old Is Too Old for VeggieTales?

  1. For one thing, you can never be too old for VT. Another thing, the Big Idea site said that Huck Larry is coming out on July 12th. Why so many release date changes, I wonder?

  2. @Macy: I’m glad that you can never be too old!

    Another date change? At least it’s still in July. I’ve seen variations inside of a month before, so that doesn’t have me as concerned as a big date change would.

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