What’s a Raspberry to Do?

Well, the job hunt for this Raspberry is not going well.  No one seems to know what to do with a fruit home for the summer.  Mostly it’s the time constraint, and the longer any company waits before hiring the less time is available to be given.

I was walking through stuffmart the other day, and happened to be wearing my Superman t-shirt.  Some of the workers made a comment about super girl coming to work and helping them out.  I had an interview with stuffmart, but they never called back for a third interview…  I didn’t say anything to the workers about that, I just smiled. 

Then last night I was out to eat with Mama Squash and Papa Potato and the waitress joked about my staying to help clean up.  (The server hadn’t written down the ice cream order on the bill, so I went ahead and did so.  And having eaten here many times, I had seen how the abbreviations were written, so I decided to help them out and the cashier knew exactly what I meant ;  )   )  Papa Potato asked the cashier if she knew what was written and told her that the Raspberry had done it.  The cashier then looked at me and mentioned that I would be all set to work there and told me that they needed a dish washer and floor sweeper.  I smiled and said, "if you really want me, I’ll come tomorrow night to help clean up, I don’t mind."  The cashier just smiled but didn’t say anything else…

So much for an attempt at joking with someone so I could find a job….

Guess I’ll just have to spend more time on http://veggietalesreview.com !!

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4 thoughts on “What’s a Raspberry to Do?

  1. The job market’s tough. Especially this time of year, with all the fresh-out-of-school veggies needing summer work. Sounds like you’d be an asset to any fruit salad, though. I hope you find something good soon.

  2. @Anna Ananas: I should have known she would have got a VeggieTales reference in there.

    Still, it’s not that I doubt God, but that if God has a plan that involved a job up here, I would think that it would be longer than the two or three weeks that Jazz has available.

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