VeggieTales in Space: The Fennel Frontier

After Are You My Neighbor, Big Idea made a second movie that takes our favorite veggies back on board the Apple-Pies. This time, Captain Cuke (played by Larry) and Mr. Spork (played by Bob the Tomato) have to stop the evil Luntar the looter (played by Mr. Lunt), who has developed a secret weapon that harnesses energy from other ships. But the question is, what is Luntar using the energy for?

Veggies in Space is a lot like Star Trek for kids. The Veggies have to go and save the universe from an evil villain who threatens  humanity, or veggiemanity, if that’s a word. But this has a little bit of a twist, because it is a kids movie, so no one dies or gets shot by a phaser. In this movie, we learn the important reason that we all need to share what we have, a lesson that many kids need practice on.

If you would like to watch this movie, click on the link above to buy it. The silly song for this movie has to do with Asteroid Cowboys, who keep asteroids from leaving the asteroid belt, but as we all know, a few asteroids get away. Can the veggies on their rocket-powered rocking horses keep the asteroids with each other?

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