Getting into Plum Shape

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They say that if you start out a year wanting to get into shape by joining a gym, you’ll more than likely quit by January 12th! Some say that there’s no way that you’ll make it to March.

So how’s that supposed to be good motivation for a plum that wants to get into the best shape– not too firm and not to squishy!

That’s the conversation I was having with Penny just the other day as I found myself in the Crispermobile headed to the local YFCA (Young Fruit Christian Association) and signing me and the rest of my fruity family up for a gym membership

It’s true, though, you need discipline and character to be able to stay healthy. There are many things out there that are vying for your attention and time. They want to distract you, entertain you, fill you, and sell you on all manner of things that you don’t need.

That time that you could be spending reading your your young fruit or vegetable, others want you scrolling online, binge watching the latest show, or engaging with them instead… but which one will provide you with greater joy and be longer lasting?

So take the fact that most people don’t make it to January 12th as a challenge. Don’t let it get you down– use it to motivate you to get to work!

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