VeggieTales: LarryBoy – The Soundtrack

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I guess I expected to be more impressed with this offering, but I was not. I purchased the LarryBoy soundtrack basically because my kids really like the Temptation Song that the Bad Apple sings. However, I could have done without a lot of the “extras”.

There are 16 tracks on this CD spanning the entire LarryBoy saga except for the time when he appeared on Dave and the Giant Pickle

The first four are from The Fib from Outer Space. It start out with the original LarryBoy music video theme song and then concentrates the next two songs on Junior’s song about the broken Bowling Plate. There is some extra background music punctuated with lines from the shows to let you know where the music is from. This is by far the coolest feature of these purely musical numbers. The last of the four I could do without. This is the first song remix which is not appealing to me at all.

The next five are from The Rumor Weed. This is mostly songs and soundtracks from the movie with the great feature mentioned above. The Rumor Weed song is a great tune and helps to explain just exactly what a rumor is.

The last seven are from the current adventur The Bad Apple. It starts out with a workout remix– again, I’d preferred to not even know such a thing existed. It has the music from the opening of the episode which is terrific. I can visualize the whole thing and it’s beautifully uplifting stuff. The next few are taken right from the show with the highlight being the catchy temptation song. It’s when I get to “Rock On LarryBoy” that I wish the CD had ended already. I’m not particularly fond of this rock emphasis. The last song is from the filmstrip Alfred watches.

In all, I could have done without the remixes and rock songs, and sticked to the classic veggie music. Had I figured that it would have been like this, I probably would have searched for just the songs I was interested elsewhere instead of paying for the whole CD.

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One thought on “VeggieTales: LarryBoy – The Soundtrack

  1. I and my five-year old are both rabid Veggietale fans. As far as I am concerned, their best-ever song was “The Belly Button Song”.

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