VeggieTales: Larry’s Wonderful World of Auto-tainment

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It was during the time of Big Idea’s fiancial worries and lawsuit that this episode was born. Big Idea was still trying to win the court case, and producing videos was its biggest asset. So, they took some old footage that they had in the vault, a couple of new creations, a pretty basic set, a cute idea, and some of the music from the CD’s that they wanted to release anyway and birthed this DVD.

This is the first time that the Theme Song is interrupted– by Larry explaining that the future does not hold theme songs, and that in the future jokes are randomly generated. He introduces Bob to the robotic hosts, Mr. Lunt (the techno-gourd of the future) and the Wheel of Veggies which chooses a performer, a topic, and a genre. Of course, they all match VeggieTunes songs!

Larry then starts the theme song that you weren’t prepared for– so it’s funny.

The robots tell a couple of jokes that do not make sense before starting with the first performance:

“There’s a Hole in the Bottom of the Sea” is performed by the French Peas with a robotic choir. They stand in front of a projector screen which displays random pictures that start out to have something to do with whatever word they are saying, but end up being everything from a shot from Jonah to pictures of Big Idea’s children.

Next is “Zaccheus” performed by Pa Grape. He does this behind a flannel graph and talks about how short Zacceus was and wondering why the interlude between verses sounds egyptian.

Following that is a short entitled “Lunch” which is a dialogless short. It involved a creature (man?) and his dog. He struggles to try to get a candy bar out of a vending machine instead of eating his sandwich (which the dog ends up eating) only to have a bird drop on it right after opening it. The moral: If you lust after something, even when you get it it won’t be what you thought it was?

“Modern Major General” is a tune performed by Archibald in a virtual library. The labels on the books occasionally match the words that Archibald is singing. He’s putting back books on the shelves, but he occasionally climbs them and then they all fall down.

It’s at this time in the show that the robots begin to malfunction. Rusty the robot has an emotional malfunction that Larry tries to fix by singing “You are my sunshine” with Junior. The background here was drawn by one of the animator’s children. Larry looks like a natural behind a piano, even though he doesn’t have hands.

They next play a short entitled “Binky the Opera Singer” that shows an aardvark singing opera. What this has to do with anything besides being an early test clip, the world may never know.

Pa Grape comes back to sing “Erie Canal”, but I don’t know why VeggieTales decided to make “Albany” into “All Bunny”. They put a picture of a Buffalo up when Pa sings that word, but put a picture of a bunny up when talking about Albany, NY. Strange. The tune is catch, and the images are well done.

Finally, Bob has had enough and wonders where the lesson was. Larry gets Junior to sing one of the best songs of the DVD (“My Day”) where Junior sings that no matter what happens, God was with him. At that point, Bob agrees and he, Larry, and Mr. Lunt leave.

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