VeggieTales: Lord of the Beans

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VeggieTales has a long standing tradition of picking out popular culture items and doing them in vegetable style. This Veggie story is the perfect example of this, and it is well executed.

The story begins with Larry riding in on a unicycle and the letter asking Bob and Larry what the child should do with his gift. Larry says that he should use it for fame and fortune. Bob says the story will talk about it and away they go.

Lord of the Beans
The story opens up with Todo Baggypants (Junior) meeting up with Grandalf (Mr. Nezzar) as they are getting ready to go to Bilboy Baggypant’s (Archibald Asparagus) birthday party. At the party Bilboy sings about how he’s been everywhere, has everything, but is still missing something. He repeats this to Grandalf back at his house, and tells Grandalf that he’s giving a bean to Todo while he leaves to find out what’s missing from life.

When Todo comes to give Bilboy a piece of cake, Grandalf explains that Bilboy has left him this bean, a bean that can give him anything he wants. Todo wants to know what to use the bean for, and Grandalf tells him that he’s assembled a team to help. It includes Ear-a-corn, Leg-o-Lamb, Grumpy Dwarf and another Elf. This team starts off, and has amusing adventures climbing a mountain, falling off of it, and meeting the Raspberry Forrest.

These trees were originally only supposed to speak by blowing raspberries, but they changed it so that the leader actually uses words. At the end of the conversation, because the group cannot stop laughing, they are inprisoned on top of a tree. Grandalf tries to get them down by jumping on an eagle, and they get down, but not on the bird.

They finally make it to the Blue Gate and have to solve a riddle. Todo ends up getting it right, and is the only one that can enter that gate because of his size. The rest find out that an army of sporks are off to get Todo, and they head toward the Red Gate.

Silly Songs with Elves
The Silly Song actually takes place in the story’s world. Ear-a-corn (Larry) dresses like Elvis and sings about his girl (which doesn’t speak English per the Lord of the Rings). At the end, Leg-O-Lamb comes on the scene and takes off Ear-a-corn’s ears and chases him away telling us that Ear-a-corn is an Elfish-Impersonator!

And We’re Back…
Once in side, Todo meets Ahem (Mr. Lunt) who talks about how he used the bean to create a life of ease. Ahem takes Todo to the land of Woe. Meanwhile, the gang is attacked by sporks, but the other elf turns out to be a Keebler Elf and bakes cookes which the sporks love.

Scary man tries to take the bean away from Todo, only to be stopped by Bilboy who gives it back. Todo tosses the bean into a dry well and the land is healed by some grape soda that bursts from the well.

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