What I Learned from the Star of Christmas

VeggieTales Holiday Double Feature has two different stories on one DVD– quite the bargain!

The story that I’ll be looking at today is The Star of Christmas.  The story here centers on Bob and Larry trying to make the biggest story in London teaching London how to love.  In the process of trying to make it bigger than ever they put lights on everything and even stooping to attempting to steal the Star of Christmas from a nearby church’s Christmas pageant when it is going to get more attention that the play they are crafting.

The main lesson that we’re supposed to learn is that God taught us to love by sending His Son.  One of the sub lessons that I got out of it was that sometimes people justify doing something wrong for the right cause– and usually it just makes the problem worse.

Bob believed that he had to do his production on Christmas Eve because without it, London wouldn’t learn how to love.  So, that justified– for him– stealing.

Many times it may not be something as outwardly obvious as stealing that we’re willing to do, but we often tend to look at things based on the outcome rather than what is the honorable thing to do in the process.  We get caught up in what great things will be when we’re done doing our dirty deed, but all we find is that it it’s not usually as great as we thought, and the dirty part was much worse than we thought.

This is why we must be concerned both with the means and the end, so that we can do all things with a good conscience.

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