What I Learned from Babysitter in DeNile

Babysitter in DeNile is the first segment on the VeggieTales – Duke and the Great Pie War DVD. This cute segment stars Laura the Carrot as Miriam in the story of Moses in the bulrushes (one of the few Bible stories that has been told twice, and had three different vegetables as Moses!).

One of the things that I found that was interesting in this story was that I hadn’t totally thought through what it would have been for the princess to adopt Moses– and God’s protection there.

The princess would have had guards (though it wouldn’t have been a public pool) and they would have frowned on having a Hebrew boy adopted by the princess– as her parents would have too.

It just made it all the more real to me how God is in control of the smallest details and will protect those for which He has a purpose!

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