VeggieTales: Esther, The Girl Who Became Queen

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From the Cover

The king needs a new queen, and Esther has been chosen!  But she’s about to find out that being queen is going to take more courage than she ever imagined.

The award-winning artists at Big Idea bring to life one of the Bible’s greatest stories– and the most spectacular VeggieTales adventure ever!  When a small-town girl wakes up with the weight of the world on her shoulders and the fate of her people in her hands, can she find the courage to do what’s right?

Filled with drama, humor, and great music that families everywhere have come to expect from Big Idea, Eshter… The Girl Who Became Queen teaches kids that “you never need to be afraid to do what’s right!”

The Review

This is VeggieTales first break from their half hour format.  This is also their first attempt at a movie type presentation in the true “Disney Princess” mode.  So, there are a lot of things here that are different than your standard VeggieTales episode:

  • There’s no countertop– just an announcer.
  • There’s no silly song– well, there is, it’s just not by Larry and it’s not announced.
  • There’s no wrap up.
  • There’s a girl with hair in her face.
  • There’s the Island of Perpetual Tickling!

If you listen to the commentary track, you’ll hear them talk about how they were preparing for Jonah by going for a fuller length episode.  And it’s not a bad attempt.

The Story

The story begins with Mr. Lunt asking the queen to make the King a sandwich.  When she refuses, they evict her and setup the quest for a new bride– which finds us meeting our heroine– Esther.  She gets taken to the palace and placed in a competition where she sings about God’s provision.

She becomes the queen, and she and Mordecai (her cousin) save the king from an attempt on his life– dropping a piano on his wedding cake.  The peas get sent off to the Island of Perpetual tickling.

Haman doesn’t like it that Mordecai won’t bow to him, so he tries to kill all of Mordecai’s family labelling them as subversives.  When Mordecai finds out, he convinces Esther to use her influence with the king to save their lives.  Esther is scared because she knows that you can be banished if you show up uninvited, but does so anyway.  She invites Haman to her house for food, along with the king.

After a meal and a game of Trivia Pursuit, they leave with Esther inviting them back the next day.  When the king remembers that Mordecai saved his life, he has Haman tell him what things Haman would do for a person the king wanted to honor, and then asks him to do that to Mordecai.

On the last day, Esther tells the king what Haman was doing, and Haman is banished.

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