Thirteen Trivia Questions about Esther

It’s that time again– think you know VeggieTales – Esther, the Girl Who Became Queen?

  1. What Veggie character plays Mordecai?
  2. What do the French Peas try to drop on the king?
  3. What is the answer to the trivia question after the queen’s first banquet?
  4. Where do those that are exiled go?
  5. Who comes through the door, and what is he holding?
  6. What does the first queen refuse to do that gets her exiled?
  7. What other VeggieTales episode uses the red chairs from Esther?
  8. What is the song that Esther sings?
  9. What does Mordecai refuse to do?
  10. Where does Haman end up?
  11. Why doesn’t Esther appear in any other VeggieTales episode?
  12. What part does Larry the Cucumber play in the episode?
  13. Complete this sentence: “You never need to be afraid to do what’s … “

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11 thoughts on “Thirteen Trivia Questions about Esther

  1. I give up…nope, I dont know one of the answers to your questions. Happy TT though and thanks for stopping by:)

  2. Love the veggies (the real live ones) but don’t know much about Veggie Tales now that my kids are big!

  3. So far, my children are either too young or too old for Veggies Tales.  But the older ones do know the story of Esther.  Interesting list. 🙂

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