carnival of children’s entertainment – April 30, 2008

Welcome to the April 30, 2008 edition of carnival of children’s entertainment.

Sol Smith presents 10 Great Alternatives to Conventional TV posted at How to be a Bad— Dad.


Silveral presents Celebrities as Role Models | Celebrity News, and Gossip posted at Celebrity News, and Gossip.

Silveral presents The Top Four Music Celebrities We Would Love To See Less Of! posted at Celebrity News, and Gossip.

Elementary School

Kelsey presents Family Game: Don’t Eat Pete!!! posted at Vanilla Joy – Family Fun and Education, saying, “This game is great to play with families of all sizes.”

Hilltown Families presents New Family Music To Defrost Your Frozen Feet! posted at Hilltown Families, saying, “A short review of new indie kids music.”

Leticia Velasquez presents Book Review: The Daring Book for Girls posted at Catholic Media Review.

Mathew Needleman presents The Making Of Tales from the Yard posted at Open Court Resources.com Blog, saying, “The making of a first grade horror film.”

Wayne Buckhanan presents Knowledge, Will, & Means posted at Life, Love, & Learning.


GrrlScientist presents Attenborough in Paradise posted at Living the Scientific Life, saying, “A remarkable set of adventures to the South Pacific islands and beyond on DVD as David Attenborough pursues his most deeply burning passions. [educational DVD review]”

High School

Dwayne Tucker presents Be an Entrepreneur! posted at Dwayne Tucker – PhotoShop Blog / Tutorials, saying, “You can do it too! I am Dwayne Tucker from http://DwayneTucker.com”

Raymond presents My Super Sweet 16 – Messing Up and Spoiling Kids For The Next Generation posted at Money Blue Book.

Joe Hitchem presents The Hidden Passion Of Stamp Collecting posted at Start Stamp Collecting, saying, “Learn about the hidden passion of stamp collecting that has been going on for many many years!”

Alvaro Fernandez presents Musical training as mental exercise for cognitive performance posted at SharpBrains, saying, “A great essay by Megan, a high school student, as part of her Psychology class in Red Land High School (West Shore School District, PA).”


Amanda Harris presents Baby Brain Boosters posted at eFamilyBlogger.

Middle School

Joe Hitchem presents Stamp Collecting For Beginners posted at Start Stamp Collecting, saying, “Tips for beginners looking to start a stamp collection.”


Tip Diva presents Top Ten Tips – Learning An Instrument posted at Tip Diva, saying, “Learning an instrument both valuable and fun. But before you pick up that trumpet or toy with the keyboard, know these important tips.”

Carole G. McKay presents A Blind Eye posted at McKay Today, saying, “Let’s take an honest look and connect the dots.”

Robert Phillips presents DVDs as a Lead Generator posted at How to Create a DVD without Spending a Dime.

Phil B. presents Teaching Patience << Phil for Humanity posted at Phil for Humanity, saying, “Parents today want their children to have more than what they had, yet parents often neglect to give their children what they had.”

Robert Phillips presents Are DVD Info Products Profitable? posted at How to Create a DVD without Spending a Dime.

Robyn J McCleary presents Entertainment posted at ENETERTAINMENT.

Anne K presents Another Playing Lesson posted at Doug Kercher Golf.

:: Suzanne :: presents The Ultimate Gift posted at :: adventures in daily living ::.

Trent presents Born to Buy: From Tony the Tiger to Slime Time Live posted at The Simple Dollar.


Amanda A presents Fascinating Creatures: music posted at the library collective, saying, “This CD is targeted at preschool/elementary kids, but I love this album, so I think it’s more broad than just little ones!”

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