Larry’s Girlfriends

Did you ever notice how many times that they’ve tried to pair up Larry with someone?  I mean, at first one would have thought Larry liked it being a bachelor, but then they paired him up with the girl from Esther for the SUV song, and they introduced Petunia Rhubarb because I guess that didn’t work out.

I’m waiting for the episode that either begins with Petunia and Larry doing the introduction, or where Bob and someone do the introduction because Larry’s out on a date with Petunia.  Or is it just something that they do for the cameras?

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One thought on “Larry’s Girlfriends

  1. Maybe Larry wants to be a bachelor. Didja ever think about that?  Huh?  And if Larry’s a true professional, he’d only schedule dates after work hours.  That’s why he won’t miss an episode.    For all we know, Larry’s always got a girl on his arm… well, he would if he had an arm.
    Now, Larry’s okay, but the guy this pineapple’s all a-twitter over?  Jr Asparagus!  He’s so dreamy, and he’s totally a great guy.  *wink*

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