What I learned from Larry’s Lagoon

Larry’s Lagoon is the second segment on VeggieTales Classics – God Wants Me to Forgive Them?, the second video Big Idea ever made.  This is a parody of Gilligan’s Island, although there’s no Mary-Anne.

The main lesson is that we have to forgive those that ask even if it’s hard.  I’m tempted to say that I learned that coconut trees are pretty good singers, or that the professor from Gilligan’s Island should have made a helicopter, but what I found interesting was how Larry reacted to not being forgiven.

I think that too many of us, when someone doesn’t forgive us, simply give up and walk away just like Larry did.  While this is common, this isn’t for the best.  As we see in this story, Larry’s running away made things worse as Bob and the gang had to go out and find him.

In reality, if we run away without making amends we can leave hard feelings, we can keep things from getting healed, and we can become bitter— all things that we should avoid.

So, what should you do?  Find someone to go with you, to help you reconcile with your friend.  Do something, anything, to help make things right.

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