If I would have done this…

It isn’t until the movie’s almost over that Aslan finally makes an appearance.  It’s one of the most touching moments, as Aslan and Lucy talk, and yet one of the most convicting as well.

Lucy asks Aslan if it was truly him that she saw earlier, and Aslan asks her why she didn’t follow Him.  She replies that it would be hard for her to do it alone.  And then she asks the question that hurts the most…

She asks Aslan what would have happened had she followed him– could it have kept the Narnians from being killed because they would have believed her and waited.

Ouch, what a question– it makes me wonder about the times when I knew I should witness, or those times when God’s wanted me to do something, and I’ve chosen a different path.

Aslan’s answer is on target– what has happened has happened, and there’s nothing that can be done about it now.  However, we still have choices to go– there are still things that can and need to be done.

So, believer, if you’ve chosen the opposite path in the past, don’t dwell there.  Take heart, there are still things to be done.  Focus on following Him through the path ahead.

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2 thoughts on “If I would have done this…

  1. I Love this part of the movie… Just the way that Lucy sees aslan and runs to him… And this huge majestic lion wraps his arms around this little girl, closes his eyes and embraces hie child…I mean this guy has the power to  tell seas to engulf people, and yet he is so inlove with Lucy.
    This movie was SOOO well-done, although it did not directly follow the book, i believe that every addition was made out of a true passion to cleary represent not only what CS Lewis would have wanted, but God as well

  2. @Jenna: That is an amazing moment. In the first book (The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe) we learn that Aslan is not safe, but He is good. The goodness and tenderness is on full display here.

    ‘Course it can’t hurt that Lucy is also the name of the god-daughter Lewis was writing his books for…

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