This is How It Worked in the Past

One of the things that really jumped out at me in Prince Caspian was the time when they were all standing by the Stone Table inside the mound and they were discussing strategy as to how to defeat the Talamarane king.  High King Peter wanted to go in for a sneak attack, and get them in the castle.  Prince Caspian wanted to dig in at the mound and defend it.

Then Lucy speaks, implying that they should wait for Aslan– since that is how they won last time.

To this, Peter responds that maybe they were brought there to act, not to wait.

It is here that I started to think about how the average church functions today– and the average Christian.  I believe that we’ve gotten so infiltrated by the world that we’ve forgotten the source of our strength and have replaced waiting and leaning on God with the wisdom of man.

Just as Caspian and Peter both believed they had great human strategies (in which Peter’s ends up killing half their army), Lucy’s point that Aslan was the real winner the last time, and that they should wait on him proved correct.

How many times do we as believer or the church as a whole act because that’s what we think is best, using human strategies, “strategic planning committees”, and hand out surveys to people, rather than focusing our energy on what God is doing and waiting to hear His voice.

In this part of the movie, I heard a strong rebuke for those that would charge ahead with their best plan, praying that God would bless their wisdom, instead of seeking Him and His ways, and joining Him in what He’s already doing.

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2 thoughts on “This is How It Worked in the Past

  1. I wanted to reah in the screen and smack Peter, with all of this “For narnia”crap… I was like, the oly way you are going to succeed is when you are fighting for the glory of Aslan (aka, God)… I love though, how peter had to deal with Pride issues like that and how he had to realize that although he is the “high king”, there is one higher.
    And the seen right after the white witch one, where Peter and Lucy are talking, really got me, I mean it really put into Perspective the way that Peter felt about Aslan. He loved him Dearly, but he was angry at him for not coming back and for allowing all of this to happen. A feeling i could greatly relate to.

  2. @Jenna: And yet how very much like us. We don’t like it when bad things happen, and have the tendency for blaming God. It’s like Mary & Martha with Lazarus. Lazarus dies and Mary and Martha both respond with “Lord, if you’d only been here, they wouldn’t have died!” (Hmm, first time I’ve thought about this section like that.) And yet, though they were sad, Jesus knew it was for God’s glory.

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