Applying the Moral

Meet the Robinsons

Are you aware of the lessons that are embedded in the cartoons that your child watches?

Take for example Disney’s Meet The Robinsons.  I won’t spoil the movie for you, but last night when we were teaching the story of Cain and Abel we were able to use the whole motivation behind the bad guy in the movie to try to explain what happened with Cain so that he would get to the point that he could kill his brother.

VeggieTales is neat because they do this as part of every story—they start with a question, then they tell a story, and then answer the question from what was just illustrated.

In other entertainment, it’s up to the parents to take the moral lesson and help their children to digest it.  It’s also important that we make sure that the things we don’t want our kids emulating (like calling each other “goober”) is stopped as soon as it can be, rather than having it lie dormant and coming back later.

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