Uh huh

My little sweet potato used to say the most adorable “Yes” that you’ve ever heard. Anytime he wanted to respond in the affirmative, it was “Yesssss”. It was cute!

However, somewhere along the way, this “Yessss” turned to “Yeah” which turned to “uh huh.” Now, as a parent, listening to a 3 year old, “uh huh” and “nuh uh” sound a lot alike. So with lots of training and practicing, we got the little tyke back to saying “Yessss”.

Only to have it undone by one of his fellow vegetable siblings.

But that got me to thinking. How do we answer when God calls us to do something?

You see, like most people, us vegetables know that God has a plan for us, things we’re supposed to do. Granted, my job is to grow nice and juicy, to nurture a seed that will grow into another plum tree, or to provide nutrition for one of God’s created animals. Or, you know, talk to humans about VeggieTales and life as a fruit.

But God has things that he wants each person to do as well, and when we see these things, our response needs to be in the affirmative– even if it’s not always enthusiastic. I mean, enthusiastic is to be preferred, but even Christ, as he was about to go to the cross, said, “Not my will, but yours be done.”

The point is, whether it’s yes, yep, or uh huh, our answer to when God calls always needs to be in the affirmative.

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