Mechanical Chickens? Plastic Eggs?

I remember the first time that I ever heard Pa Grape and Mr. Nezzar doing their Boids song, do you? It was in The Easter Carol and they were trying to capture that same sound as in the Music Man by saying words to rhythm. If you’ve never heard it, I have a You Tube clip posted at the end of this post.

Yes, it’s getting to be that time of year where eggs are all over the place. Why, my oldest vegetable, Eggplant, just came home the other day from the market with two of those candy eggs, and Penny went out and had little chickens delivered that just recently hatched. Some of them came in the mail!

Can you believe that they send live birds in the mail?!

In any case, I’m new to this whole chicken raising thing, but up until today they were in the room right next to mine all day, and all I heard was their peeping. You have to keep the critters warm with a heat lamp until they get bigger when they can go outside to their coop.

I’m looking forward to getting the eggs, but this stage reminds me a lot of how Christians start as young things that can fend on their own. They need food, they need heat, and they need protection. But one day, they’ll be out and they will be producing their own fruit… I mean eggs. They won’t stay at the baby stage forever– that’s why they’re out in a garage now– and neither should we.

Well, that’s all my thoughts for today. Now, if only it didn’t take years to get fruit from a fruit tree…

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