VeggieTales Say That No Vegetable will Play Jesus, but…

… In the upcoming VeggieTales Video– Gideon, Tuba Warrior— Pa Grape plays the part of the angel that visits Gideon. Many Bible scholars believe this is a pre-incarnate (before He was born to Mary) version of Christ Himself. Archibald Asparagus played the part of what people believe was a pre-incarnate version of Christ in Josh in the Big Wall.

So, when the Bible says it was “the Angel of Yaweh” does that make it any different that it being Christ himself? I realize that they are in a pickel (ha ha!) to tell some of these stories without using a vegetable for an angel or God, but it sounds a little inconsistant to me.

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5 thoughts on “VeggieTales Say That No Vegetable will Play Jesus, but…

  1. To me too…but they take quite a few liberties with the “Bible” stories they re-write…sooo…I guess they’re just hoping most viewers won’t get so analytical about an angel really being Jesus in disguise?
    Thanks for bursting my bubble.

  2. You’re probably right there. Then again, I guess they could say that you really don’t think Moses was a Cucumber, do you?

    I am still itching to find out how Moses went from being a Carrot in “A Baby in De Nile” to a Cucumber in “The Lone Stranger” to a Zuchini in “Josh and the Big Wall”.

  3. As to who’s a what, the vegetables live in a vegetable world and play to a vegetable audience (us).

    As to angels….perhaps the creators don’t consider any of them to be theophanies. I know I don’t.

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