Bad News for the Veggies

August Vegetables 2

According to Phil Vischer, this is not a good Christmas for all of us Veggies, and our fans.  It appears that the current owner of the VeggieTales company, Big Idea, has hit on some financial hardship, and has made some drastic choices:

And now for the day’s bad news… an era has ended at Big Idea.  2/3’s of the staff of Big Idea Inc. was let go yesterday, shrinking the company down to just 11 people.  All that remains is the marketing team, one designer (Ron Eddy), one director (Brian Roberts), and Mike Nawrocki.  The rest of production, including old-timers like editor John Wahba and music maestro Kurt Heinecke, are all gone.  Ron Eddy, the very first designer I hired way back in 1996 to launch a team that at one point totaled 30 people, now has the distinction of being Big Idea’s first designer, and last designer.

Phil attributes a lot of the problem to the death of a medium.  He truly believes that kids videos are on their way out, and whether that’s true or whether it’s just his vision (since he did recently launch JellyTelly—an online kids network) it seems like it could be going that way for VeggieTales.

God is good, and He is in control.  It could be that the lights will go out on Big Idea after the two episodes in production are released, or it could be that someone else buys the company.  A strange twist of fate would have Bob and Larry on JellyTelly and back under Phil’s control.

God knows, and it’ll all happen in His timing.

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