Little Guys Can Do Big Things Too

The main lesson of VeggieTales – Dave and the Giant Pickle is that it doesn’t take people of great stature or strength to make a difference– all it takes is someone that’s willing to do what’s right.  This is a powerful lesson if we could grab hold of it.

I think that all too many times we say we want to do great things for God, but when the opportunity comes, we’re not up to the challenge that would prepare us for it.  If you look through the Bible you see a lot of instances where those that were used to do great things by God were not only faithful in the small things, they were also challenged before they could do the great things.

Think of Abraham, who before he became the Father of Many Nations had to be tested to see if he would sacrifice his son.  Or how about David, who had to stand up to a giant that no one wanted to fight.  And I’m sure that you can think of others.

God uses the weak to confound the strong and to bring Him the honor and the glory.  However it is up to us to realize that, in any given situation, it’s all about God and His honor and we need to look to what would serve Him best, not ourselves.

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2 thoughts on “Little Guys Can Do Big Things Too

  1. It is a classic. I’m sorry I didn’t get the trivia contest up for this week’s VeggieTale– but maybe you know the answer…

    Which character was not introduced for the first time in this episode?
    1. LarryBoy
    2. Laura the Carrot
    3. Goliath the Pickle
    4. Jean Claude and Phillipe Pea

    Think you know?

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