So, Phil Vischer is at it again, and he needs your help.  He’s launching a new online television network called Jelly Telly, and he’s looking to populate it with Christian entertainment.  This is not associated with Big Idea or VeggieTales, but it is a place where a Christian message can be brought forth.

And he wants our help– first in prayer and then with video footage of good role models.

So why are we doing this?  Simple.  Kids need to see what God’s love looks like in action.  If they watch a lot of television, they see pop stars, sports stars and celebrities.  They see kids driving around Hollywood in nice cars – recording albums and buying clothes.  They don’t see a whole lot of missionaries or Christian relief workers or, even more vital, kids just like them sacrificing their time to show God’s love to others.  So this sort of thing will be a major focus of JellyTelly.

Sounds like a great project– any takers?

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