Personalizing Gift Cards

Ever have trouble finding what to get that person that has everything?

One of the newest forms of getting something (but not “getting something”) is by getting gift cards.  It seems that every store has them.  I get a chuckle out of going to StuffMart and seeing a whole wall of cards for everything from Burger Bell to the Food Factory sitting there ready for the buying.

However, these cards are specifically targeted to only one store, and they aren’t very personal.

Enter Visa, and their gift card lab.  What is this, you may ask?  It’s a place where you can personalize Gift Cards.

Want to put a picture of Bob and Larry on a gift card?  Easy as pie.

What to put a picture of your kids on a card to send to grandma and grandpa?  No problem.

It’s a unique idea—something you’ll want to try out before you go to StuffMart and pick the Burger Bell one featuring Mr. Lunt.  I’m sure your Pa would rather have you on there than him singing about his Cheeseburger.

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5 thoughts on “Personalizing Gift Cards

  1. Great post. I work for a company that manages and tracks gift cards, and I’ve been writing about gift card issues on savvywallet.com. One thing to consider about the VISA gift cards. They have fees and they expire. So even though, it’s great that you can spend it everywhere, just be cautious and notify the receiver with the information. Also, if you have time read the terms and conditions, they will provide more information about the exact usage of the gift cards.

  2. @Austin Chu: Good point. You should be aware that if you get these cards the person that you give them to should use them right away, and that there are fees for having the customizability (even if you don’t see them when you get them).

    They have to make money some way!

  3. I know it’s crazy huh? I know some of them are different. I know they start expiring about 8 months to a year, and then they are charged on the balance, monthly. In addition, if the card has been used, in order to use it the second time, the consumer has to know the balance. Too much work for the consumer, in my opinion.

  4. I read the terms and conditions and pulled the important information:
    1. 5.95 to activate the card
    2. Shipping fee, $20 to expedite it.
    3. Monthly Maintenance Fee:4.95 (per month beginning on the 7th month from the day of purchase)
    4. Replacement Card Fee:15.00 (per Card; when Card is reissued or replaced for any reason)
    5. Customer Service Fee: $1.00 per call to a live customer service agent
    6. Card Account Liquidation Fee: $15.00 (charged if a check is issued for fund)
    Always keep track of your balance, or else, you may find it difficult to use on your second purchase ( you need to tell the cashier, how much to put on the card, they are unable to check the balance for you) Balance can be checked with this number: 1-888-799-0028

  5. @Austin Chu: Thanks so much– definitely something you should be aware of when going for this type of card.

    It tells me that this is more something for those that like to have vanity plates on their car– those that have extra money to spend. Then again, when you’re going for a unique gift (or gift card) you’re more likely to buy something like this that’s unique.

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