The Results of the Contest

As some of you know, Jazz Raspberry and I were having a contest to see who could get the most visitors to come by for a Thursday Thirteen.  I was two weeks ago, and I scored an amazing 14 people (thank you all!), though only one really seemed to be a VeggieTales fan.  This was despite that I was out of town most of the day taking my oldest veggie out to an allergy appointment.

Jazz, on the other hand, scored a measly 2 people.  But she has a better excuse.  It was her birthday, and her first time doing TT, as well as this is her first time blogging.  I’m not quite sure how many sites she hits, but I think that there may be a TT sweet spot—something that I’ll have to investigate in the coming days—since it seemed really easy to get people to come by earlier in the morning.

So, this week I think that Jazz and I will have to work together to see what we can do with TT, and I’ll have to come up with another great concept like the last one…


Stay tuned.

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