The Heavens Declare

Just last night, Penny Peach and I sat down to watch Indescribable, a DVD sermon that took a look at the Heavens to show us just how big God is and how small we are!  It’s amazing the things that you can see—even with the naked eye.

Fortunately, we have many different things now to see at a distance.  Everything from binoculars to telescopes we can use to see things relatively near to very far away.

And then there’s Night Vision—something I’ve always wished I had when I go camping with the family.  Or when there’s a noise in the house and you’re not sure what it was and you’d rather sneak up on it than have it sneak up on you!

In any case, having a telescope is a great way to teach your little veggies about the stars and the Creator and His amazing love.

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