The Return of Phil Vischer

Why do I call this DVD the return of Phil Vischer?  It’s not because he and Big Idea have a new deal in place.  It’s not because he wrote this script.  It’s not because his voice is in the commentary track (for it isn’t).

It’s because this is the first story in a while that had his imprint all over it.

Vischer’s Finger-Prints

From the very beginning of this story it feels like one of the VeggieTales stories of old.

For one thing, when they’re floating down the Mississippi River, and they come to Muskateen (whoever heard of this town—sorry for those who live there!) the sign reads “Birthplace of Phil Vischer).

Next, we haven’t heard Jimmy and Jerry start joking about how much they could eat for a long time.

And when was the last time that someone called Larry a Pickle instead of a Cucumber?

It’s like Phil went back and watched some of his old shows and started putting VeggieTales back to where it started—or at least bridged the older stories to the new ones for those of us who have been long time fans.


It makes you start to wonder.  When Phil said a short while ago on his blog that he was Disappointed that Big Idea said that none of Phil’s creations for them (VeggieTales, 3-2-1 Penguins, etc.) would be able to appear on Jelly Telly, that Phil might soon be done even voicing or writing for them.

He made this comment:

My contract with Big Idea doesn’t include additional writing, but, yes, I could end up doing voices for their online stuff. At least for the next year or so.

Of course, a lot could change when JellyTelly starts up, and I’m not quite sure VeggieTales could survive without his voice talent.

In any case, glad to see this episode, and I’m looking forward to the next releases coming up.

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