What I Learned from Dave and the Giant Pickle

When I think about VeggieTales – Dave and the Giant Pickle, the first thing I think that I learned was that Asparagus have weird tastes.  They like to eat chicken leg, pizza and they drink crystal clear water from a martini glass with a straw.

But that’s nothing compared to the lessons that can be learned from this great Bible story.  One of the lessons that’s apart from the main lesson is that of taking advantage of those that want to make a difference.

In this story, Dave (Junior Asparagus) wants to go defend his people from the Philistines, but because of his age/stature he’s left home to tend the sheep.  The main lesson is that “little guys can do big things too” but I like looking at the passion that Dave had to defend his country and contrast it to those that were willing but did not have the passion.

This is a common theme in the Bible.  When God called Gideon to attack the Midianites, he didn’t want just those that were willing, but those that were passionate.  Same thing with who He chose for disciples.  Following God was for people that wanted to pursue God with all that they were.  Paul said that he wanted to know Christ and the power of His resurrection above all else.

Where is our passion?  Where is our desire?  If it’s not on God, where is it?  And if we claim that we want to do great things for God, where should our passion be?

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